2010/01/12 at 4:00 pm

I thought I was busy,but paul out did me . We worked together at San Jose State, doing the underground of all the buildings to be link together for their computers and network systems.

He mention to me that he wanted to get more involved with our local union. As you know, he was not afraid to jump in the ditch and get his hands dirty, a paycheck is a paycheck,

what ever it takes! IBEW BROTHER, ART PEREDIA


2010/01/11 at 10:42 pm

From his “son” Christopher…what do I tell about someone who seemed so out of touch with his whole “real” family and I am thinking of so many years of him lost without me ,his Grandkids,how many new he was a grandfather???I was there when I buried his father.He was not.When they closed the coffin on my grandpa that was pretty brutal wake up call that this is for real.To see his coffin laid into the ground was real.I read and read on about how a great person my father was and how many people realize he was a father to 3 kids!!!Who knew?Not from the obituary.OBITUARY should’ve said Paul Shaimas BIGBROTHER 3kids estranged kids who he never bothered to call, but helped everyone else.Grandfather,by two beautiful kids, survived by Nana and maryellen geri and franny!!!!!!?Crazy???Now was the time to reach out!!!!!!!If I was dying..i WOULD CALL MY MOM???yes??iT IS not pity but dying and dying is forever.I am mad for my grandma!!She is the best person i have ever known. A olive branch would,ve worked..,.DuhI only wished to tell you goodbye.


Linda Nager
2010/01/07 at 4:58 pm

A beautiful montage of a life lived to the highest point! Paul the Prince, and you the Princess with sharing, love and respect.
I liked the Barry and Paul picture in the Florida Keys.



Linda Nager
2010/01/07 at 9:21 am

Dear Debi,

You and Paul followed me through the toughest loss of my life and I thank you both, and I will miss emails that were sent from your macho man, Paul, always with kindness and honesty. I would now like to share this email with you and to “the world.” It is a wonderful story of brotherly love and friendship that endured the test of time sent to me from Paul’s beautiful heart and soul describing my sweetheart husband, beautiful soulmate and best friend forever, Barry Nager. who departed in 2005. May they now continue their friendship together in Heaven:

HI – dated 10/20/06: 5:16:21 PM EST – I hope you ae doing well. We are fine but have been struck in some nasty weather for a week now. Thank you for the note on the one year.
A little history on our friendship. Barry and I met at the boat house on the Charles River, same place that we met you. I think I took Barry out for a sailing lesson and we kind of struck it off a little bit then. Over about a month or so we would bump into each other every now and again. One day he told me he saw this geat movie by the name of “Tommy”, he said “You got to go see it”! Next time I saw Barry I told him that I went and saw “Tommy”. We went out for beers afer sailing and talked about the movie for hours. That is when our deep friendship developed. We ended up with a friendship that I did not know existed, was even possible. We could tell each other our most wonderful thoughts or our most evil thoughts and it was okay. No fear of being judged or rejected. What a wonderful feeling to be able to be that open and honest with someone.
We had so much fun together, even if we were in a serous mood. We would laugh at each other and make fun of each other and it was great. One time we went to a water park that Barry loved (I was living in Calif. at the time and I came out to spend some time with Barry). We had a ball acting out, having water fights, throwing each other off of the inner-tubes we were floating on, and trying to drown each other under the water fall. We had three different safety people tell us to knock it off. Then the park manager came out and said “you know we expect the kids to act like you two, but you two should know better. “Out of the pool for half an hour.” So we got out of the pool and went over to the water slide where we went down together. We got thrown off of that too! Then we went over to the wave pool and again we got thrown out of there also because I complained to the safety guy that Barry was splashing me and would not stop. SO it was back to the first pool again. On the way out of the park the manager said “come on back but hopefully NOT together.
Around the boathouse we were known as “Mutt and Jeff”. They were cartoon characters who had a fun life together as friends. We were always laughing and we usually had a group of people around us.
When things got too much to bear alone, one of us would call the other to set a time when we could get together. We would usually meet some place to go for a walk to talk things through. And most of the time we both had stuff we needed to talk about, or flirt with the girl at Charles Street Bar and Grill.
G-d I have so many funny stories about my life with Barry. I have so many warm feelings about the serious times we spent together.
I feel blessed that he was a part of my life and was my best friend.
I loved him and I miss him dearly.
Miss and love you. Paul


Julia Lanzit
2010/01/06 at 7:06 pm

Paul was very special in many people’s life and I know he meant a world to you.
As you share the stories and the memories of how he lived his life and how very much he meant, may you find comfort in the love of friends and family.
Do take good care of yourself and keep all the good thoughts going. Paul will be greatly missed.


2010/01/05 at 9:50 pm



Mindy “Dravis” James
2010/01/04 at 7:52 pm

Dear Debi, we just want to express our sincere condolences, and let you know that we are thinking of you. If there is anything you need, just let us know! Kevin and I have very fond memories of

Paul. Remember the time we rode our motorcycles with you and Paul to Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside. We had a very nice ride, nice friends and a nice breakfast too. Love, and God Bless–

Mindy “Dravis” James and Kevin James


Pat & Carlos Castillo
2010/01/04 at 2:52 pm

Please know that our love, thoughts and prayers are with you always. Paul was a very special person to so many people. He was always there to help, whenever needed….you both were.

Debi please take great care of yourself.

Pat & Carlos Castillo


Harris Family
2010/01/04 at 8:02 am

Condolences from the Harris Family, Derek, Deb, Rachel and Lindsay. Thank you Paul for your kindness and generosity. For letting Ed and I crash at your place in Sanat Clara before leaving with TUF the next morning for Yosemite. For being a fun, safe, enthusiastic climbing partner. I’ll remember making home made pasta, spinach walnut pesto, and Hunter stew, then eating way too much of it. Replacing those manky fixed slings on Royal Arches, and having to park TUF facing down hill one year because the starter was uncooperative. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Julia Miller
2010/01/03 at 7:00 pm

Dear Debi — you and Paul were wonderful friends to me as a Sunnyvale Council Member and to Kris and I as a couple. We have so many fine memories of our time spent with you both. Many dinners, seeing you off in Half Moon Bay and Monterey Harbor and sharing many glasses of wine. Paul was one super guy and I was proud to be called his “Guardian Angel”.
Lots of Love — Please stay in touch no mater where on the earth you land.
You will always be my special friend. Julia Miller


2010/01/03 at 11:25 am

Pablo, as you preferred to be called, unfortunately we only had a chance to know you for a very brief time while you were outfitting your boat in preparation for chasing your dream of sailing to

Boston. You are truly missed. During your brief visits to Florida, we always looked forward to each visit and enjoyed your companionship, great stories, warmth and enthusiasm.

May you always have fair weather on your journey. You are missed.


Peter Chrones
2010/01/02 at 2:37 pm

Hi Debi,

As many times that I try to write this, I fumble. Please let us all celebrate his life as he lived. My deepest regrets.

Peter / Chris and Inger Chrones



Howard and Cakes Kulkin
2010/01/02 at 12:18 pm


Our most hearfelt condolences on Paul’s passing. He was a passionate and definitely unique person who had an amazing appreciation for life. Having you in his life was a perfect fit. Reading this

tribute reaffirms that fact. May you be at peace knowing he is at peace.

Our thoughts, love, and prayers are with you both.

Howie and Cakes


Jan & Rich
2010/01/01 at 5:06 pm

This tribute was definitely a labor of love. We have you in our hearts. Jan & Rich, s.v. Slip Away


Jan & Rich
2010/01/01 at 5:04 pm

What a wonderful display of photos. We enjoyed having both of you as our cruising buddies and will miss Paul’s enthusiasm.


mark cosentino
2010/01/01 at 4:47 pm

Paul you always had great positive energy and that’s the stuff that really works to band a community together. I tip my hat to you brother!

Mark C. Cosentino


Kansen and Daisy Chu
2010/01/01 at 3:58 pm

Our Dearest Brother Paul,
YES, “you build America”. Your contribution were truly appreicated.
YOU will ALWAYS be remembered.

With Love,
Kansen and Daisy


Jenn Litle
2010/01/01 at 12:28 pm

Beautiful website Debi. You are in my thoughts!




Jenn Litle
2010/01/01 at 12:11 pm

Thank you Paul for many years of friendship, mentoring, and love. You have been such an amazing role model in our family and we will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts!!!

With love,


Sam & Jim Halpin
2010/01/01 at 10:46 am

I remember dragging you to a country western bar in the San Jose area one Saturday night in our single life way back when. There was this one man out on the dance floor dancing with anyone that wouldn’t step on his fee. Paul was the best country dancer on the floor! You hated dancing so I had a great time being his dance partner . . . but he only kept asking me to dance because he was so smitten with you! And that was the beginning . . . Paul got what he wanted, a loyal life partner that was dedicated to making all his dreams come true. And when I finally found my life partner, the first people I introduced him to were you and Paul.
Jim and I are so sorry Paul’s life was cut short, but we both know Paul made the most of every part of his life. He did it all his way and knew in his heart he was the luckiest man in the world to have had you with him for so many years.
We hope to see you soon, if not here in the states, then it is way overdue to venture to Panama!
All our love and prayers.
Jim & Sam Halpin


Greg & Jill Delezynski
2010/01/01 at 7:17 am


We are so sorry to hear of Paul’s passing. If there is anything we can do, let us know. We are hoping to get back to our boat in March.

We are so pleased to have the time we did have with you two. We always thought we would get the chance to catch up to you guys.

Greg & Jill


Chuck and Drinda
2009/12/31 at 1:19 pm

Paul, you will always be a treasured part of our Family. It was an honor and a privilege to know you.


David Baer
2009/12/29 at 6:47 pm
Brother Paul will be missed by all who’s life he touched. I speak from first hand experience. Paul helped me believe one person, laboring with another, and another can do anything.
He is the essence of the Labor movement, he learned, did, and taught. His influence lives on with us. I aspire to do as he did, inspire all, learn lots, and teach some. He will always
have a place in my heart and thoughts. His work with the Political Action Committee of IBEW Local 332 was unparalleled. I will never forget going to Seattle with him to march in the
World Trade Organization protests in 1999.


The Tatmans
2009/12/28 at 2:34 pm

We will all miss you Paul. We know that you are in a peaceful and happy place looking down on all your family and friends.