About Paul

1946 — Paul was born 5 August, 1946 in Salem, MA.  He was named Edwin Paul Shaimas, but has always been known as “Paul.”  Paul was the 3rd of four children: Maryellen, Francis, Paul, Geri.  His parents were Valentyna and Francis Shaimas.

1964 — Paul graduated from Bishop Fenwick High School in Peabody, MA.  He was an unenthusiastic student and was pleased to be away from studies and the rigors of the classroom.  Although he attended some college (for a degree in Pharmacology) he was an even more unenthusiastic college student and soon dropped out.

1966 –  Paul enlisted in the Navy in the fall of 1966.  He attended boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois and was given an Honorable Discharge as an Electrician’s Mate Third Class August, 1968.

1967 — Paul married Linda.  By 1970 he was the father of three sons: Edwin “Ed”, Jr; Christopher and Jason.

1973 — Paul became an apprentice with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 259 (Greater Salem, MA).  He completed his apprenticeship May, 1977.

1976 — Paul was sworn in as a Journeyman in IBEW Local 259.  He remained active with IBEW until his retirement in 2004.

1979 — With no work in the Boston area, and having been divorced from Linda, Paul loaded his possessions into ”S’esprit” (his 1973 MGB) and took to the road, tramping throughout the country for several years, obtaining work as a “traveler” out of IBEW union halls throughout the US.  Passing through the Santa Clara Valley of California he fell in love with the climate, the people and the west coast life style.

1984 — After working in the Santa Clara valley for several years as a “tramp” (traveler), Paul officially made Santa Clara his home by depositing his travel ticket with and becoming a member of IBEW Local 332.

1985 — Through the “Big Brother-Big Sister” organization, Paul welcomed little brother Jon Litle into his life.  They remained “brothers” for over 25 years.  Paul shared with Jon his love of flying, rock climbing, fast cars and races.

1993 — After almost 20 years of bachlerhood, Paul met and married Debi Shaimas.

2004 — Paul grabbed the chance for early retirement.  One month after retiring he left with Debi and “the boys” (Max and Myer) to live his life long dream of being a cruiser.  They spent 4 years cruising Mexico and Central America.

2009 — Paul lost his battle with cancer on 20 December, 2009.